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About Me

Hi, I'm Christin!

I assist you in healing, empowerment and expansion.

We are all made of energy and sometimes we have “spots” in our energy fields. These can be there for many different reasons, like trapped emotions, trauma, stress, and so much more. When we have these “spots” in our energy fields we are often not shining as bright and functioning as well. There may even be symptoms that are created due to these “spots”.

The good news is that we all have the ability to heal and release and remove trapped emotions, balance our energy field, align with the path we came here to take and be the best version of ourselves. I help you to identify what may be holding you back and help you to remember how powerful you truly are so that you are able to live your best life and expand. You are the creator of your life and I work with you on fully stepping into your creator/creatrix power.

During a session I am a vessel for the Divine Light which flows through me to you. You are the one who really does the healing and releasing. I see you as a healing partner instead of just a client.

I offer energy healing, through traditional Usui Reiki, Quantum Reiki, Emotion Code, and Angel Guide Readings. During coaching sessions I incorporate soul purpose coaching tools to illuminate your path so that you can see where it is you want to go. You have all the answers within. I help you see them. 


  • Reiki level 1, 2 and Master (Usui - certified through Lisa Powers)

  • Quantum Reiki (Humans and pets - certified by Antojai)

  • Emotion Code (certified through Discover Healing)

  • Angel Guide (certified through Kyle Gray)

  • Psychic & Intuitive (certified through James van Praagh School of Mystical Arts)

  • Soul Purpose Coach (certified through Dharma Coaching Institute)

  • Spiritual Life Coach (certified through Dharma Coaching Institute)

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