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Image by Aaron Burden


Katherine from Florida

"Christin has been helping my whole family release emotions, including my dog. 
She has released emotions trapped around my husband's sleep issues, has found generational emotions for my children, emotions around my dog's anxiety and so many for me. We were recently working on some emotions I have around my cycle and OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is the first time I've immediately felt a physical response. My legs got tingly and I felt lighter. The other times I have absolutely felt the effects over time with my mood, but this time it was like an immediate detox. 
I highly recommend Christin's services. She is so wonderful and powerful and such a positive light."    
Image by Tavga K.S

April from Texas

I'm so grateful for Christin. The Emotion Code sessions I've done with her have helped me so much on my healing journey. In our last session she cleared lots of stuck emotions from my heart wall.

Afterward, I noticed that I didn't feel like I was on edge, and my mood was stable. I was much more patient with my children and was able to regulate my own emotions. I highly recommend booking a session with her to release emotional baggage that is keeping you stagnant in your growth. You will be amazed by how much lighter you feel afterward. 

Image by Jacalyn Beales

Nina from Germany

Christin guided me through our Reiki session and helped me reconnect to the universal source of infinite love and light. 

Working with Christin was a blessing, as she has a special of connecting with people on a spiritual level. 

Image by rebekah baines

Manpreet from India

Christin is truly a gifted healer who is dedicated to her healing work. She was able to correctly identify and release so many emotions stored in my body at specific ages in my life. So many emotions I was aware of and so many I had forgotten about. 

She identified a major core emotion which I had repressed deep into my subconscious for so long, it had now started affecting most areas of my life and I had no conscious awareness of it. 

Post the healing, I was able to connect dots and now I am consciously working on all aspects of my life affected by those emotions. It was a very overwhelming, liberating and transformative experience for me. 

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